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There’s a lot of hate towards vegans tonight

A lot of people arguing against compassion.  I’m not sure what that is about.
Veganism (and egalitarianism in general) isn’t just about showing compassion to animals, but to other humans, to the world and to ourselves.
Why would anyone not want that?  Who wouldn’t want to receive kindness and consideration, especially during times we need it the most?

If you want to live your life being responsible for acts of violence to others, then you don’t get to complain when something shitty happens to you.  Because that’s the kind of world you’re approving of.  Nothing shitty should happen to anyone.  But if you’re apathetic to the cruelty around you then I don’t see why you should expect anyone to give a damn when you’re on the receiving end of it.

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    humane carninst an oxymoron
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    I didn’t say vegans have to be compassionate towards all humans at all times, but that ‘compassion, from all, to all’ is...
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    how quickly we have escalated from talk of compassion and such to mantra of ‘the indifferent aren’t entitled to...
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    Oh, the “but vegans are just great big meanies!!!” argument. What do vegans do? Vegans are mostly peaceful protesters....
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    It is not wrong to be intolerant of those who cause avoidable harm.
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    Others I’m not particularly compassionate towards: Child molesters Rapists Puppy kickers etc The difference between a...
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