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[WARNING: video shows a moron being disgusting]

Behold, the mighty carnist!  Witness his hunting prowess as he hunts down…  a dead rabbit.

Okay, okay, so he’s a scavenger.  But look!  Observe the human teeth, which, thanks to natural selection, allows him to rip effortlessly through…  Oh, he’s having some trouble cutting up the flesh there.

No matter!  Because what we have here is a true carnivore/omnivore, whom relishes the feast and savours…  Hmm, looks like he’s gagging at the taste and smell of it.


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    VIEWER DISCRETION ADVICED Is this proof enough for the fact that humans are not carnivores and neither omnivores? We are...
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    look how useful his canines were at ripping the rabbits flesh!
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    Perfect commentary is perfect. Instant reblog. [as he is failing to rip open the rabbit with his puny herbivorous...
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    what an absolute fucking dingleberry but seriously this video is great for demonstrating how we clearly are not meant to...
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    Like cheap grains and legumes? You know, the things poor people eat? "But fire and tools would make this easier" doesn’t...
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    Just look at those ferocious teeth! Grrr!
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    Sure, this guy is loopy. But using stone age tools (i.e. fire and a sharp rock) would make eating a rabbit much easier....
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    That’s right, eat that rabbit with your crazy canines you complete dick’ed, because that looks just like how a fox would...
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    Whenever idiots tell me we’re “natural omnivores” Keep in mind He had to find a dead rabbit to eat, he couldn’t hunt his...
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    @ all the death eaters out there…
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