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Men who look at other women while their girlfriends/wives are right beside them make me want to slit their throats.

I don’t know, dude. I admire the aesthetic of other human beings all of the time. If my partner was that insecure, then we could never have a happy and healthy relationship. It’s all about trust, respect, and intention. To quote Augustus Waters, “I enjoy looking at beautiful people, and I decided a while ago not to deny myself the simpler pleasures of existence.” If I knew that my partner was that bothered by it, then of course we’d talk about it, I’d affirm my love for him, and we’d work on it. He does the same thing for me when I have a moment of insecurity (but not due to the reason discussed here). It’s not wrong simply to admire another’s beauty just because you’re in a relationship with someone else. I’d propose that acting that way is possessive and unhealthy. Jealousy is a bitch. So, don’t embrace it. Be secure in your relationship. If there’s reason for distrust and doubt, then work on it. Give them the opportunity to prove their trustworthiness, and do your best to trust them. That will take time, but it can get better. Talk with your partner. Talk, talk, talk. Communication is important. If they’re being gross and disrespectful, then that’s one thing, but simply looking is not problematic. Also, make sure that you’re not being a hypocrite. If it really bothers you that much, then you sure as fuck better practice what you preach.

Agreed.  In an honest and open relationship, admiring the beauty of others is nothing to be ashamed about.  You have to remember, in such a relationship, they chose you.  You should feel pretty rad about yourself.

I’d be fine with my partner finding other people attractive.  Hell, we’d probably talk about all the hot people we see.  If I’m insecure, I’ll work on that by exercising, re-examining my (non-existent) fashion sense, etc.

Obviously it depends on how you admire.  If you’re lasciviously leering at people then that’s kinda fucked up.  Ya gotta be tactful in all things.  But like veganxcutie said, it’s all about communication.




Source For more facts follow Ultrafacts

ok this annoys the crap out of me, firstly the font in question costs a fortune, secondly no link to something that can change a persons life as it did mine, so here lemme fix both of those:

Open Source Dyslexia is a FREE font that is designed in a similar fashion as in weighting the letters, it is also being constantly updated, yer welcome

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why test on animals when there are prisons full of rapists

because the prisons aren’t actually full of rapists

the rapists run free and the prisons are full of people charged with weed possession

and we shouldn’t do experiments on human beings without their consent no matter who they are, because this already happened and still happens to marginalised groups in and outside of prison and frankly it’s terrifying that the people responsible for this were able to do that and mostly got away with it, I know education on ableism, racism, history and ethics is pretty bad worldwide right now but come on

People the whole point of being against animal testing (humans are animals????) is because it’s unethical. Animals should be respected and we shouldn’t violate their inability to consent.

that doesn’t fucking mean you start doing the same unethical shit on thousands of imprisoned people, especially when most of them are working class people of colour imprisoned for minor offences, like come the fuck on. I get what OP is saying here but reality is much more complex than we like to think.

Don’t test on animals. Don’t test on humans (no matter how gross and horrible they are). Remember intersectionality and capitalism and the prison-industrial complex.

^ Very much agree. Emiello, thanks for another rad comment :)

If there’s no informed consent then it’s blatantly unethical.  This also assumes that using live, conscious beings is the best/most efficient way of testing new drugs, operations, etc.  It also assumes these new pharmaceuticals or whatever are the best methods of treatment, when alternative medicine could possibly be used (and no, I’m not talking about homeopathy and other pseudoscience).






I said “have a nice day!” to this old dude and apparently that’s not fucking good enough because he retrieved his wallet and from like a stack of 30 of these things pulled one out and gave it to me and said something like “I hope you reconsider your choices next time”

i want to punch this guy so hard, right in the face, and say “have a nice day you piece of shit”

Eat Shit

Another vague imperative statement. A better choice would be “Eat horse shit, you condescending asshole. Learn some goddamn manners, what were you born in a fucking barn? No one gets paid enough to deal with a customer like you that can’t grasp the fucking concept of colloquialisms and has a shitty need to be a pedantic, passive aggressive dick.”

Let’s invoke Muphry’s Law here and see how many grammar mistakes we can find on that card, too.  (I definitely spot incorrect and inconsistent capitalization.)  If you’re gonna be an inconsiderate pedant, you should expect others to extend the same courtesy to you, too.

Also, in my experience, “Not a problem” is often used in place of “You’re welcome.”  If someone said, “Thank you,” and the reply was, as suggested, “Certainly” or “Of course,” well, that would be kinda weird…

I have never once had a complaint with “Have a nice day”.

Are you kidding me?! People don’t take social meaning, vernacular and the history of words or terms into account. They just want to deal with straight up definitions or grammar rules.

*Grumbles about how people think AAVE is slang with it’s a fucking dialect you racist assholes*

Are any of these really an issue


I’m all for being mindful of the language we use but c’mon




plants can hear themselves being eaten.

what now, vegans?

Animals literally scream and cry out while they’re being murdered.

But if you care about plants, you shouldn’t be eating animals, because they eat up to sixteen times more plants per pound of meat than someone just eating a pound of plants does.

So, what now?

did you know sperm can smell, that means you have to stop jackin it, save the sperms!


I made a walkthrough of my process for drawing faceted stones! Judging by the timestamps from the screenshots I took, drawing this one stone took an hour and three minutes, although I know I went and checked tumblr a couple times while I was working, so let’s just call it an hour.


  • This walkthrough assumes you already know how to use layer masks, the clone stamp, and the lasso tool. There’s also one part where I didn’t label it, but I inverted the selection so I could keep my lines consistent. It’s in the third image.
  • Unfortunately I can’t really help with colour choice and the actual colouring of the pinwheel shape that makes up the back facets, but you can kind of see that I tended to colour with lines that cut across the facets and and kept the outer parts of the facets darker. It would probably be best to find a reference to work from!
  • This particular cut of stone is called the ‘brilliant’ cut.
  • There’s actually a lot of internal reflection business that goes on in a stone, but I elected to ingore all of it since at a distance you can’t really tell anyway.


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